5 Interesting Coding Projects That’ll Make Your Resume Stand Out!

Table of content:

  • A Data-Analysis Model
  • Web Scraping
  • A Chatbot
  • An E-commerce Website Prototype
  • A Simple Game

1. A Data-Analysis Model

2. Web Scraping

3. A Chatbot

4. An E-commerce Website Prototype

5. A Simple Game

Summing Up..

  1. Free engineering classes at Ganga Ghats!
  2. IIT Kanpur alumnus donates INR 1 Cr!
  3. DRDO Recruitment 2022: Apply before 3rd May!
  4. IB Recruitment 2022: 150 vacancies, apply before May 7
  5. 10 crore internships to be provided by AICTE in the next 1000 days!



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