5 Interesting Coding Projects That’ll Make Your Resume Stand Out!

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Table of content:

  • A Data-Analysis Model
  • Web Scraping
  • A Chatbot
  • An E-commerce Website Prototype
  • A Simple Game

Technological endeavors have been propelling rapid growth in today’s world — affecting everything from society to culture. The IT sector has also witnessed significant growth worldwide. With the worldwide technological boom, the demand for IT and computer-related jobs is increasing with each day, with studies stating a 13% increment in employment in these industries between 2020 and 2030.

Among the competition for a suitable IT job, it is essential to strengthen your skills in coding as well as IT. For that purpose, completing successful coding projects will not only help you gain experience but also put a good impression on your CV.

It is also important that your CV catches the attention of the employers. Having coding projects on your CV, whether you’re new to coding or a seasoned programmer, emphasizes your technical know-how and experience to companies and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

For that purpose, we’ve selected 5 Coding Projects to make your CV shine in front of interviewers.


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1. A Data-Analysis Model

These days, models for data analysis are in high demand, and with a dataset, it is not very difficult to create one. To boost your self-presentation, you must create as many data models as you can, which must be based on the principles of classification & regression analysis.

2. Web Scraping

Scan a website and gather the data in a simplified manner using web crawling, and you’re sure to impress any employer. Use web scraping to extract the data, and it will give you bonus points. Scraping is a very useful tool for any job, not only IT sectors, as various projects will require you to scour the internet to search for necessary information and verify existing data. The collected data can be refined according to needs and tabulated into an Excel sheet

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3. A Chatbot

Created using a very simple process, a chatbot is used to conduct online chat conversations using text or text-to-text speech, which requires direct contact with a live human agent. You may also make your chatbot more inventive by adding speech and image recognition capabilities.

4. An E-commerce Website Prototype

Creation of an E-commerce website is a lengthy and difficult process, as they require a large number of sections, listings, and connectors, as well as a focus on excellent user experience and a smooth sales funnel. However, if you manage to create a prototype of such a project, interviewers are sure to bat an eye on your project.


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5. A Simple Game

Wanna do something fun instead of boring excel sheets? Just create an attractive game with cool visuals! Dynamic games and high-quality content are the most vital aspects of any game. Create a good story along with some attractive and visual characters and you’ve got yourself a good game. Unity 3D, Visual Studio, and C++ are some of the technologies you’ll require.

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Summing Up..

From the several topics to cover and endless projects to discover, we’ve plucked out these ones, but you should never limit your knowledge. Explore all possibilities, try out every single project, participate in contests and hackathons and you’ll surely succeed in being a skillful resource.

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