Cover Letter That Will Surely Get You Hired at JP Morgan! (With a Free Sample)

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  • Let your cover letter do the talking
  • Step-by-step guide to write a cover letter
  • Sample JP Morgan cover letter
  • How to conclude?

Is the fear of rejection stopping you from applying to your dream company? Are you sending only your CV to the HRs, here’s where you are wrong. When it comes to searching for a new job, cover letters are the most undervalued part of the whole application process. It occurs mainly because most of the applicants are not aware of what a cover letter is actually for.

A well-written cover letter is a perfect way to set yourself apart from others and help sell your application to the recruiters. It becomes more important when you apply for big MNCs like JP Morgan.

Let your cover letter do the talking

To get JP Morgan to invest in you, you must write a perfect cover letter on which you can bank upon. Be it a boutique investment analyst job or a profitable JP Morgan internship, you are a high-value commodity for the firm. They need proof and cover letters to act as one such proof.

If you are a fresher try to keep your CV to one page. List how you can contribute to the firm with bullet points. In your cover letter, give some good examples of your accomplishments and achievements that prove you are the right candidate for the role, don’t overdo it. Try keeping your cover letter engaging and to the point. Also, never go on telling how much you know about the firm. This might sound presumptuous. Do talk about how you are a good fit and how you can be an asset to the firm.

The step-by-step guide to writing a cover letter

Your dream job at JP Morgan has opened up at just the right time in your career! You’ve built up the skills and experiences to take the next step. Here is a guide and outline for your cover letter.

Step 1: Write a crisp and crunch introduction

Seize the attention of the recruiter with your opening paragraph. Tell him/her who you are, and why he/she should hire you, and express your dedication to the role. You should be very watchful with the usage of words and how you got to know about the position. This should be very strong as it will help you to demonstrate your relevance to JP Morgan.

Step 2: Describe why you are the ideal candidate for the role

Next, you must be crystal clear on what role and what division you want to apply to. You can elucidate this by describing what you can bring to the role. Give a few examples of skills that you’ve developed or successes that you’ve enjoyed that are relevant to the job description. Tell how those transferable skills and experiences would be useful to add at JP Morgan.

Step 3: Explain how enthusiastic you are about the role, but don’t overdo it

You might have the right qualifications and the required experience for the role but the employer wants to feel whether you are passionate about the job and the organization. Explain why the company or the department appeals to you.

Again, culture is pretty common and it opens the ‘why JP Morgan’ question. You can answer this by not being too direct but by describing how JP Morgan is very active on several university campuses worldwide and how the inclusive environment at the firm will allow you to grow your skills and add productivity to it. The candidate must not mention a positive bias by saying I am a ‘strong fit’ for the job instead go for ‘I hope to join or I would be grateful for the opportunity.’

Step 4: Conclude and request a follow up (That’d increase your chances)

Towards the end of your cover letter, you can round up what you have written and indicate your availability for the interview. A suitable concluding paragraph could be, “I’ve always delivered outstanding results, and I’ve enjoyed every challenge that has come my way. I’d be delighted to meet with you and discuss the value that I can add to your team.”

Sample of JP Morgan cover letter


Recruiter full name

JP Morgan

Firm address

Dear Recruiter (First name)

My name is X and I am studying for a dual degree in Economics and Finance at (University name.) Upon attending JP Morgan’s networking breakfast in City X, I’d the pleasure of meeting JP Morgan (employee 1) and JP Morgan (employee 2) who provided me a great insight into JP Morgan’s different divisions, roles, and culture. Knowing this, I am applying for a full-time analyst role in Investment Banking within the M&A group.

Completing my internship in real estate investment management at firm Z has provided me the necessary skills and experience to work in M&A. In the real estate investment management internship, I evaluated commercial and multi-family properties using real estate financial modeling (REFM) and comparative market analysis. This has assisted in my ability to gain strong analytical and detail-oriented skills. Additionally, I also helped the fund director raise USD 50 million in capital from high-net-worth individuals for a new real estate fund. This enabled me to develop strong client-servicing and communication skills. I hope these experiences and skills will prove to be a valuable asset within the M&A team at JP Morgan in city X.

Working at JP Morgan would enable me to interact with the financial industry and stimulating projects as well as work with the industry’s most diligent people and prolific clients. Your culture of the 4 principles — client service, operational mess & responsibility, and winning culture portrays the ideal working environment that encouraged me to apply there. Additionally, I am impressed with JP Morgan’s presence on campus to actively seek young talent, which provides me with the fortunate belief that the environment at the firm is truly inclusive. I believe from my professional achievements, I’m a strong fit for JP Morgan’s analyst role in M&A investment banking. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Applicant’s name

Applicant’s digital signature

(To download Sample JP Morgan Cover Letter, scroll to the bottom of the article.)

In a nutshell: Cover letter for JP Morgan

All in all, the cover letter presented to the recruiter should have punctual use of grammar with no mistakes and the style of language should be excellent. The structure used should be top-down communication, this is highly preached. The first section must consist of an introduction of how a candidate got to know about JP Morgan and how he/she was exposed to the opportunities at the firm.

The second section should be that of the candidate’s professional experiences. This section could include internship experiences along with his/her achievements in the past. The third section must have the reason ‘why JP Morgan’ element, but remember not to overdo it.

Another very important part of a cover letter is its formatting. It should be written on a single page with neat font, the body of the cover letter should be half a page, which is considered ideal. Highlighting key skills such as analytical, detail-oriented, and client-servicing skills match up to the requirements of JP Morgan. Since JP Morgan is related to investment banking, someone with relevant banking internships has an upper hand over others.

Manner to conclude

It is advised that you send your cover letter as a PDF file. PDFs are compatible with most of the systems and devices, so it should look the same on the receiver’s screen as it does on your own.

Cover letters, in a way, are the siblings of your resume, that you sometimes forget! Big firms like JP Morgan require you to be precise and straightforward to the role you are applying to. So, pull up your socks and get ready to draft a cover letter that will guarantee your selection at JP Morgan.

The sample letter has been provided by Mohamed Suwaid, founder of Graduate Scope.

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Unstop (formerly Dare2Compete) enables companies to engage with candidates in the most interactive way to discover, assess, and hire the best talent.

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