Difference Between Multiprogramming And Multitasking Explained!

  • Need of Multi Programming
  • Advantages of Multi Programming OS
  • Disadvantages of Multi Programming OS
  • What is Multitasking?
  • Advantages of Multitasking
  • Disadvantages of Multitasking
  • Multiprogramming Vs Multitasking

Need of Multi Programming

Working of a Multi-programmed System


Advantages of Multi Programming Operating System

  • High CPU utilization.
  • Shorter Response Time.
  • Shorter Waiting Time.
  • Increased Throughput.
  • It may be extended to multiple users.
  • It has the ability to assign priority to different processes.

Disadvantages of Multiprogramming Operating System

  • Scheduling implementation is not easy.
  • Memory management is necessary because all types of functions are stored in the main memory.
  • It must keep track of all kinds of processes it is concurrently running.

What is Multitasking?


Objective of Multitasking

Advantages of Multitasking Operating System

  • It has a shorter response time as compared to Multi Programming system.
  • It can handle multiple users concurrently, and several programs can run smoothly without affecting the system’s performance.
  • Users can use multiple applications such as Internet browser, PowerPoint, MS Excel, games, and other resources at once.
  • It allows multiple users to share common resources concurrently.
  • It provides logical parallelism.

Disadvantages of Multitasking Operating System

  • It is complex to implement.
  • It can’t be executed on a slow-speed processor.

Multiprogramming Vs Multitasking

  1. In a multiprogramming operating system, multiple processes can run at the same time on a single processor. It’s a logical extension of multiprogramming and also supports user interaction.
  2. It uses the concept of context switching. It uses the concept of time-sharing and context switching.
  3. The main objective is to improve CPU utilization. The main objective is to minimize response time.
  4. Switching occurs when the currently running process stops. Switching occurs at each time after the time slice of the current process is finished.
  5. It can be performed on a low RAM or ROM memory and hence does not require large storage memory to function. In this, memory storage is large so as to carry out all the tasks or processes at the same time.

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