Long drives, listening to music: Bizarre hobbies in CVs in a viral twitter thread

Landing on a job has become more difficult than before. Given that everyone around us is so qualified, it makes us rethink how we can present ourselves differently from them. Personalized CVs (Curriculum Vitae) or resumes that talk about creative hobbies have become very popular amongst job seekers. They believe that interesting CVs, like a 3D job application or a CV enclosed in a donut box, go a long way and help them stand out from the crowd.

Shiv Aroor, the editor at India Today and senior journalist and author, sparked off in his tweet what hobbies netizens are tired of seeing on professional CVs. This led to a very interesting thread of discussion where people mentioned some of the most absurd hobbies they found listed on people’s professional CVs.

The bucket of weird hobbies

On June 11th, Shiv Aroor tweet read, “Please don’t write ‘listening to music as a hobby/interest in your CV.” This kick-started a thread of discussion where some talked about weird hobbies being listed on CVs and others commented in a fun manner.

Out of the many strange hobbies people wrote about, Nistula Hebbar, a journalist at The Hindu replied to Aroor’s thread, “I used to get many that listed “laughing” and “going on long drives” as hobbies.”

While one mentioned that the most absurd hobby he came across was “surfing the internet”, the other replied that being mentioned as a Netflix addict was the most hilarious one. Someone’s colleague also mentioned that “drinking beer” was her hobby in a team introduction meeting.

Strange hobbies that helped to get jobs

Continuing with the discussion, other people were reminded of their CVs that helped them land a job.

Others also commented with getting a ten-year-old CV that mentioned “Reading Newspaper” and “watching cricket” besides “Listening to Music” as hobbies grab him a job at a big MNC that sells toilet paper.

In support of the ‘hobby’

There were a few people who also came in support of the ‘hobby’, and tweeted that some of their most interesting works happen when they are grooving to their favorite music.

Another Twitter user commented that the world needs listeners as well, and this makes ‘Listening to music’ a legit hobby that gives an insight into the person’s nature.

Some CVs end up in the belly

What happened recently was a 3D Graphic/Motion Designer from Mumbai, Avkash Shah made a motion video of the same company where he wanted to get a job and posted it on LinkedIn.

In another incident, a person who wanted to be hired for a job sent his CV concealed in a box of donuts. He explained that the delivery was not by mistake and that he pretended to be the delivery guy just to submit his CV to the recruiter personally.

An envelope that contained the CV was pasted on the back of the box’s lid, and it read, “Most resumes end up in the trash, Mine — in your belly.”

Suggestions to upgrade your CVs

The very first impression that a job seeker makes on a recruiter is through his/her CV. A good CV with high-quality work experience certainly increases the chance of getting selected over others. Here are a few suggestions and tips that can be included in CVs to make it look better.

  1. Avoid using poor formats. There should be no spelling mistakes and bad use of grammars.
  2. Avoid posting a list of long hobbies with no relevance to the role, rather use decent examples to showcase it. It must be realistic and relevant to the role. For example, hobbies such as listening to music, spending time with friends and family, being active on social media, and playing video games should be avoided. Instead, hobbies like swimming, dancing, photography and keeping fit and so on can be considered to make your CV look decent.

There’s a lot to add to your CV to make it more creative and gain the attention of your preferred recruiter. There are very less chances that you get your dream job by adding bizarre hobbies. To make sure that you don’t make this mistake, learn the fundamentals of how to write the perfect CV. This is how you can leap in your career.




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Unstop (formerly Dare2Compete) enables companies to engage with candidates in the most interactive way to discover, assess, and hire the best talent.

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