Smoke Test Vs Sanity Test — Breakdown And Comparison

  • What is Smoke Testing?
  • What is Sanity Testing?
  • Difference Between Smoke and Sanity Testing

What is Smoke Testing?

What is Sanity Testing?

Important points*

  • Sanity and Smoke testing are two methods for avoiding wastage of time and effort by identifying whether an application is too defective to be tested thoroughly.
  • A build verification test is a term for a smoke testing run on a specific build.
  • Smoke and sanity tests can be done manually or with the help of an automation tool. When using automated tools, the tests are frequently started by the same process that creates the build.
  • When testing team runs both Sanity and Smoke Tests in the software build, they would do Smoke tests first, followed by Sanity Testing.
  • Smoke testing is applied generally using an automation tool followed by scheduling the smoke suite as soon as a new build is created.

Difference Between Smoke and Sanity Testing

  1. The purpose of smoke testing is to ensure “stability,” but the goal of sanity testing is to verify “rationality.”
  2. Developer teams and testers both do smoke testing, sanity testing is performed by testers only.
  3. Sanity Testing evaluates new functionalities, whereas Smoke Testing tests the system’s critical functionalities only.
  4. Acceptance testing includes smoke testing, whereas regression testing refers to sanity testing.
  5. Sanity testing is among the types of testing which are not documented or programmed, unlike smoke testing.
  6. Sanity testing exercises only a single component, whereas smoke testing exercises the complete system from start to finish.
  7. Sanity testing is regarded as narrow and depth testing. It is about detailed testing on a few highly critical features, whereas smoke testing is considered broad and shallow testing, but tests on all relevant aspects.
  8. Development team uses Smoke testing as soon as the build is installed, whereas sanity testing takes place once the problem fixes are completed.

Summing Up…

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