What Is The Difference Between GUI And CUI?

  • Character User Interface
  • Advantages of CUI
  • Disadvantages of CUI
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Advantages of GUI
  • Disadvantages of GUI
  • Major Differences Between CUI and GUI

Character User Interface

Advantages of CUI

  • The Command User Interface is faster than Graphical User Interface.
  • More stable and reliable than the graphic user interface.
  • it also has a low memory requirement.
  • it runs fewer tasks in the background than the graphical user interface.
  • It is a more useful and natural interface for programmers or ethical hackers.

Disadvantages of CUI

  • It is not a Flexible User Interface.
  • A person needs to be a computer geek to use these types of user interface.
  • There is a lack of device to work with the command-line interface operating system.
  • It is not customizable according to the user.

Graphical User Interface

Advantages of GUI

  • The Graphical User Interface is more customizable.
  • Easier to use for any developer or any new user.
  • It also has better graphics and image processing capability for graphics-related complicated work.
  • So many compatible apps and programs are available to work with.
  • It is a more useful and natural interface for professional editors or daily users.

Disadvantages of GUI

  • It is slow and requires high memory to run all programs.
  • Sometimes it crashes and lags making it difficult for users.
  • Some programs take longer to be executed in GUI than CUI.
  • System functionality can not be adjusted according to the user.

Major Differences Between CUI and GUI

  • CUI is a command basis user interface where a user has some predefined commands to work in the command-line user interface whereas GUI uses its graphic interface to allow the user to use it more interactively.
  • Graphics basis user interface is an interface for beginners to start with if someone is new to modern computers because it is a lot easier than CUI which is basically an interface for programmers.
  • Command User Interface is faster because of its low memory requirement but Graphical User Interface is quite slow because it runs on background tasks to process the images and graphic icons.
  • GUI has a more flexible user interface whereas CUI is already predefined and pre-built which is as flexible for a beginner.
  • GUI is less customizable for system functionality than CUI because an advanced user can customize CUI according to the need specially for system functions.
  • GUI is more customizable in terms of UI than CUI.
  • Especially for a new user, using CUI is a difficult task whereas GUI is a simple task for those who are not familiar with computers.
  • CUI has a lack of devices because it needs a keyboard and it does not work with other devices but in terms of GUI it is more compatible for devices, for example, it uses the mouse, keyboard, etc.
  • CUI has more precision than GUI and it works more efficiently because it is more stable and it does not crash suddenly like GUI.
  • Navigation in GUI is a lot easier than CUI because it uses mouse as a pointing device and it uses graphics and icons to help the user understand the sign to navigate through it.

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